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Silver Falls Projects
Brackenhurst, Alberton

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Silver Falls Projects - Fire Engineering, Fire Protection and Fire Safety Consultants

SFP provides client focussed fire engineering design and consulting services, as well as fire safety code interpretation and compliance.

Our team of fire engineers and designers provide services ranging from basic fire design and consultation, to the provision of full turnkey solutions, involving intricate design and project management.

SFP's expertise has been utilised across all business classes in both the commercial and industrial sectors, including mining operations. The provision of consulting services to both insurance underwriters and brokers is also undertaken on a regular basis.

Consulting staff are qualified fire engineers, trained in risk analysis, hazard assessment and the design of active and passive fire protection systems.

We believe our portfolio reflects the ability to engineer solutions that meet the client’s needs.

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The traditional approach to meeting fire safety codes tends to provide only generic solutions, which is often likely to inhibit the design process. By adopting an engineered fire safety solution, the designers of modern buildings will enjoy greater freedom, with their only obligation being that a fire safe building is constructed.


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A sound fire engineering approach will provide solutions which satisfy the operational needs of the client and ensure that both statutory and insurance requirements are met through appropriate design rather than through prescription. Key to a successful solution is a balance between the “3 E’s” – Engineering, Education and Enforcement.


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A fixed Fire Protection System is an active fire protection measure taken to reduce the growth rate of fire or the migration of smoke. This can be further categorised into automatic fire protection systems and manual fire protection systems. The most common manual fire protection systems include fire hydrants and hose reels.