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Fire Safety

The traditional approach to meeting fire safety codes tends to provide only generic solutions, which is often likely to inhibit the design process. By adopting an engineered fire safety solution, the designers of modern buildings will enjoy greater freedom, with their only obligation being that a fire safe building is constructed.

The professional can take more fire safety decisions based on the specific circumstances pertinent to the project, rather than strict adherence to the "deemed to satisfy" rules as published in SANS 10400 - this is referred to as Rational Design.

The National Building Regulations recognise the need for Rational Design to enable innovation, and new developments to be easily included in the regulatory framework, without the need for any legislative amendments. The adoption of this route requires that specific functional regulations are met by a fire safety design, which is appropriate but not necessarily strictly in accordance with the rules of SANS 10400.

It is essential in any Rational Design that the following be achieved:

  • The protection of the occupants/users is ensured and provision is made for safe evacuation of the users/occupants.
  • The spread of fire within the building and to any other building is minimised.
  • Sufficient stability will be retained to ensure the building will not endanger any other building, and in the case of multi-storey buildings, no major failure of the structural system will occur.
  • The generation and spread of smoke will be minimised or controlled to the greatest extent reasonably practicable.
  • Adequate means of access and equipment is provided for detecting, fighting, controlling and extinguishing fire is provided.

SFP is able to provide cost effective fire safety solutions for all building types, by assessing the actual risks and preparing a comprehensive package of measures, which include both active and passive elements of fire protection, designed to comply with all applicable legislation.