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Fire Equipment - Fixed Fire Protection

A fixed Fire Protection System is an active fire protection measure taken to reduce the growth rate of fire or the migration of smoke. This can be further categorised into automatic fire protection systems and manual fire protection systems.

The most common manual fire protection systems include fire hydrants and hose reels and constitute the major portion of the automatic fire protection systems installed.

Fire Alarms are also considered in this category as are smoke control systems, other than natural ventilation. Automatic sprinkler and other extinguishing systems are intended to confine the fire to its area of origin and then to ultimately extinguish it. Smoke control systems are designed to limit the spread of smoke and hot products of combustion thereby reducing the fire spread potential and in many instances to maintain the integrity of the emergency escape route.

The fire alarm, through both activation of the fire sprinkler system and manual or automatic detection devices, provide warning to the occupants of the building as well as notification to emergency personnel responding to the alarm.

SFP are able to provide cost effective engineered solutions for all fire risk types by assessing the actual risks and preparing a comprehensive package of measures which include both active and passive elements of fire protection, designed to provide the desired level of protection and which complies with all applicable legislation.